The Chinese Crown Icon needs to be changed

The current Chinese crown icon (appears in the Masteries) is the Manchu “morning crown / mahala ” which was used by Qing emperors. Since the Chinese faction in the AoE4 is basically based on Han Chinese Dynasties (Tang, Song, and Ming), the Mianguan (冕冠) which used by Han Emperors should be more appropriate.

More detailed information can be found on this Wikipedia page.

So isn’t the Qing Dynasty part of Chinese history?
There’s nothing wrong with Manchu being used in games, right?
In addition, the Yuan Dynasty was not entirely led by the Han.
So the point you’re throwing away is the reason why it doesn’t need to be changed

Qing is part of Chinese history indeed, but it is not part of AoE4. Then how can we use a crown of an absent dynasty to symbolize Chinese instead of crown of three dynasties (Tang, Song, Ming) in the game?

And since you mentioned Yuan, you can find even Kublai had used Mianguan as this image shows, because he basically founded Yuan under the traditional Chinese pattern unlike Qing. So Mianguan can actually represent all dynasties in AoE4, then why should we use Manchu crown of an absent dynasty in the game?

History of Yuan recorded, “天子冕服:袞冕,制以漆紗,上覆曰綖,青表朱裏。綖之四周,匝以雲龍。冠之口圍,縈以珍珠。綖之前後,旒各十二,以珍珠為之。綖之左右,繫黈纊二,繫以玄紞,承以玉瑱,纊色黃,絡以珠。冠之周圍,珠雲龍網結,通翠柳調珠。綖上橫天河帶一,左右至地。珠鈿窠網結,翠柳朱絲組二,屬諸笄,為纓絡,以翠柳調珠。簪以玉為之,橫貫於冠。”
——from Wikisource

The quotation above proves the use of Mianguan in Yuan dynasty as well.

Well, you are very strict with historical research and…
I’m more inclined towards gameplay than these
whatever, I hope you can get the attention of the developers