The Chinese Village

What’s your elo?India in age2 have better unit against China.And One Shipment giving one villager
Why you can’t say the crow of India is op?
Why you can’t say the Sepoy of India is op?
Why you can’t say the Elephant is op?
If you think Chinese is op,I can’t want to say any
If you think Chinese village is op.Okey,Please let the Chinese units and rhythm let better.

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I would like to see Spanish houses that can generate xp


German can have a free uhlan with house.

India has better units than China, but China still has better Economy, early in the game, than India.

I do not have to say anything.
Why can you not say that Summer Palace, Confucian Academy, Old Dynasty Army, Porcelain Tower, German and Russian Consulates are OP?

I do not. I am against changing it.
At least read the comments before posting.

sorry.I didn’t look at it.It’s my mistake