The combo of 15 sheep and new card 'Viceroyalty of New Spain' seems too OP

In the current April PUP version, Spanish gain access to the Hacienda by sending the new card ‘Viceroyalty of New Spain’. But apparently, this card is too powerful when used in combination with the Spanish herdable animals cards.

These cute sheep work as efficiently as ordinary villagers when you configure the Hacienda to produce villagers or Soldados

I think this is too powerful beacuse players can easily get 2 Haciendas and then send 15 sheep to boom quickly. These 15 sheep are almost equal to 15 villagers.
In addition , the homestead wagons can also build haciendas, which means that the Spaniards are alomst unlimited in their use of sheep to boom. You can even send infinite 1 homestead wagons + 7 sheep to keep building haciendas.

I don’t know if this is a bug or if devs did it on purpose


Mother chicken, my mother chicken :drooling_face:

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Seems like a bug for making the hacienda available that it also becomes available to be made by homestead wagons. Pretty sure they’re only supposed to be able to have 2.
The sheep thing is definitely a bug because a cow on a hacienda is only worth like 1/3 of a vill for mexico.

Propongo que las haciendas españolas estén limitadas a solo 2 y los animales funcionen como con México, se pueden reconstruir pero no te permite abusar

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pues suena razonable, y si se nota a leguas que eso de las ovejas es un bug

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Revolución mexicana con España

Creo que la revolución mexicana de España podría ampliar el limite de las haciendas a 4