The common way AOE DE is encountered is greatly hindered by minor errors

My English is not good, someone please help me explain clearly. I am using Google Translate.
What I want to say is that the graphics ratio in the DE version is either too large, or too small.
If you select X1 mode, the game’s sharp images will not be visible if the audience watches the video on the phone. If it is X2, it is too big, although the image is super nice.
I want to have a more suitable ratio for the viewers to be able to watch comfortably on the phone and still feel very beautiful aoe de.
Proposal to increase the zoom ratio by 15% in X2 mode

The zoom also depends on the game resolution. Try playing on a lower resolution in 1X or on a higher resolution in 2X.

So if 1080p 1X nor 2X is suitable try 1440p 2X or 720p 1X.

That will affect the broadcast quality. Viewers on the phone screen will hardly recognize the speciality coming from new graphics. That is why in Vietnam very few people play. They looked through the phone screen and did not accept the observation became much more difficult aoe1.

Is this a Facebook stream problem?
Limited stream options?

What resolution is the game?
What resolution is the stream?

Our problem is that if you leave the normal mode x1, the player is very satisfied. but viewers are very uncomfortable. because everything is too small. the smallest x2 mode, the viewer is very satisfied and the player is very difficult to play well. I need to increase the minimum mode of the x2 mode by 15-20% more to do both together.