The connection of the HRE with it's ingame wonder

Does anyone know what’s the deal with the HRE wonder?
It’s called the Flensburg Palace but obviously Flensburg wasn’t part of the HRE during the timeframe of the game.
The real life structure is the Danish royal Castle of Kroneborg.

Is there any connection of the Kroneborg castle with the HRE?

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nobody had ever payed attention to this, there are other more serious big problems with the game, so i guess this wont be changed… ever, in my opinion. Its not even a minor detail, its just a historic veeery subtle detail sorry to bring hopes down on this… you will have to play with the current wonder look my friend…

It is actually cool that you noted this!

For me this is the main reason why I am ranking somewhere around 15000, while I should be in the top 100.

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It is not like the game pushed for historical accuracy as their sole selling point :smiley: HRE - Denmark, whats the difference? XD

Maybe thats why they tried to give Landmarks and Wonders weird names, so noone can check them out. Palace of Swabia is the fake name for Hohenzollern Castle, which in his recent from was build by soon-to-be German Emperor William I in 1867, but still the in-game graphics show the thing as if it was the known architecture all the time :smiley:

No , its based on the Austrian Forchtenstein Castle.

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