The cost is displayed incorrectly

Game Version: Age of Empires 1 Definitive edition

  • Build (34483)
  • Platform Steam


When playing in Russian language, the cost of upgrading the wall, tower, and some bronze and iron age units are incorrectly displayed. Please correct it!!!


Build 35199. The problem is not fixed(

Build 36211. The problem is not fixed(((

Dear developers! The impression is created that you do not read the forums about the game’s errors and are not going to fix them… I just got 2 updates of the game after my statement, and the problem is not fixed. In my opinion, this is disrespectful to the users.


Dear developers!!! Will this issue be fixed?

do u want me to get this more attention from the big wigs

I want the problem to be finally fixed 2.5 years after the game was released.
P.S. I didn’t understand what you meant. I’m not English.

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If you can’t wait, you can create a mod and fix the issues yourself. I’m doing that with the Spanish from Mexico language, and it’s amazing how it’s now in comparison with the official file version.

You would need to modify, in your case, a file called Strings.TXT within the AoEDE\Data\Localization\ru folder.

As a recommendation, I say you copy the entire text in a cloud-based service such as Google Docs, and edit the file/text from there.

No, this is a software problem, the error is not in the text, but in the fact that some upgrades do not show the cost or are displayed incorrectly (see the image)

I’m pretty confident these issues have to do with a badly edited/translated strings file. Try comparing the English one with the Russian one. I won’t do it cause I don’t understand the language.

No, I looked at the file completely, compared it with English, everything is identical, but everything is displayed normally in English, but for some reason it is not in Russian… well, we will wait for the next update. Maybe the developers will fix this problem (if they care about the players).
If it’s not a secret, what is your problem?

What do you mean? I said I wouldn’t do it myself because I don’t understand the language, that’s all.

You say that you do fashion in Spanish. You don’t just make them. What’s your problem? I’m just curious.

All upgrades with this problem

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I understand what the problem is. In General, spaces are incorrectly placed in the game. The gaps are made on the number of characters, i.e., the 2 character is 2 spaces if 5 characters is 5 spaces, respectively, if 15 characters is 15 spaces. I don’t know who came up with this idiotic system with the number of spaces, it was easier to do it like in Age 2 (1 ! space, or at least 3-5). The word “стоимость” (cost) in Russian has 9 characters plus a colon, while in English the word “cost” consists of 4 characters plus a colon. As a result, the Russian version makes 10 (!) spaces, while the English version makes 5. Therefore, the cost of some research does not fit elementary in the frame. The problem was solved by replacing the word “стоимость” (cost) with “цена” (price) of 4 characters in Russian. The difference in these words in Russian is insignificant… But the developers ’ solution with the number of spaces is frankly STUPID!!!

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