The crashing in ranked is getting stupid now

Hi all, I don’t currently have any replays to provide but if anyone does that would be great as this problem is making the game hard to play and most likely driving off the population of the game. Currently after the recent patch the game just crashes to desktop. This has happened multiple times to me and friends and thinking of adding extra content to the game should be the last thing on the developers mind considering the current state of the game.

How the crash normally happens,
Click on home city to send a shipment then click either a card or back on you’re home city and then terminates back to desktop. if anyone does have any replays available of this crash please submit them to either the support team or here this needs to be resolved ASAP and needs to be noticed as a actual problem with the game, thanks

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I have been “playing” 1h20 tonight. I launched 6 ranked team games. I played none of them. For each and everyone, at least one player got disconnected while starting the game. Might be this particular bug, might be another. The point is as you said we don’t need new content at the moment, we need a playable game. The community is going to be drifting away, even very long time fans like me and others.

Funny addition : We can’t even talk about this/or anything else ingame ! The multiplayer lobby is very inferior, in every aspects, to the one we had in 2005. The censoring system is also so woke half the words are blurred in every sentence ever. Sorry for the rant, aoe3 has been my favorite game for a long time and it is being destroyed for quite obscure/unnecessary decisions.

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Could not agree more. Please PLEASE make the game stable for everyone. This and only this should be the number one priority. The player base for this game is already smaller. If people keep having a negative experience with crashes and or players dropping, the base is only going to continue to shrink.

I also have crashes with a perfect hardware. It’s annoying…