The current biggest bug is how often matchmaking fails

It is really irritating, you spend 5 minutes waiting for a game, just to have to start again. It happens a lot too, what, every 3 games? Also, sometimes I think it was quicker in HD to get enough players than it is in DE.

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What do you mean by match making fails? You get into a game, you can pick your civ and see your allies. And suddenly you go back to the queue?

That is mostly because some player just dont want to play that match and quit the game. Match making noticed the leaver and puts you back into the queue so you dont have to play 3v4 for example.

If anything needs to be done is to punish those leavers, so they just dont leave any more.

I wouldn’t imagine people are force closing aoe every 3 games or so. It happens way too often.

He must have a look in the AoE II DE Discussion board. There are multiple threads of players who dont like the map pool or even want a different system (like some opt-in system or an arabia only queue) and dive certain maps that they dont like. I think it isnt really an issue in 1v1, but it happens sometimes for team games. One player just notice it a bit more than the other, maybe depending on your time zone and elo.

I always say: Why did you sign up for the queue, if you know you dont like some of the maps (while you didnt ban the maps)? It is pretty stupid, but i think this is really the case.

If someone just quit while the game just launched and you see your TC, villagers, … Then it is most likely a crash. You can see some reports of this kind of crashes in this board.

Íts not a bug, as the other guy already said people just Alt + F4 your match.

The current mappool was decided by community votes, so honestly stop complaining. Those guys have complains everytime no matter what happens.

In 1 week there will be a patch where you can choose your favourite map and force random civ matchups.

There are people with almost 100% arena playrate on 1vs1 so imagine…