The curse of being famous in every historical game

Almost every game whatever the type that has a historical or real world basis (this includes legends and mythologies that are existant in the real world): it starts with the most famous factions/characters within the setting, with straightforward traits and constrained contents. They may be balanced among themselves at the beginning.
And then as time passes, factions/characters that are less prominent got added. To make them unique, the developers have to keep stuffing new gimmicks and more contents into them. Eventually less prominent factions/characters have seemingly fancier traits and much more contents.
In the meantime, the old contents cannot be re-sold again so their update is much slower, on par with regular maintanence.

That’s basically what I feel most long-lasting game series worked. There is not necessarily a power creep, but the result is always the most prominent factions/characters that people immediately think of when talking about the setting, are those with least love and flavor.

A few games that seem to find a way out of this are later historical total war games or paradox games, where they sell unit/content packs for many existing factions. But of course that is not a model that a multiplayer RTS could follow.

Or maybe the pre-steam CD era expansion model, where there is large room for updating old stuff because the expansion is effectively a new game.


I see where you are comming from, but i want to point out, that newer/fancier additions are also at a higher risk to backfire. Although i have now found my peace with the U.S. civ, i still dont like its gameplay/mechanics… another plus for the first civs, is that they are usually less buggy, and due to their simplicity and prominence perfect for beginners. Atm Im helping a friend to get started in aoe3, it would be a nightmare to explain Hausa to her^^ and she wanted to play the game for the ottomans.

but i have to agree, promotions and other features are really cool… and having fancy sweden/italy/malta in the same group as the other europeans is a bit wierd. I still have great hopes in the reworks :slight_smile:


What I mean is that…say if you give old Europeans some new merc/native cards, improved taverns (which no one really uses), etc. their simplicity is still not affected.
Like I really appreciate the Italian design. Easy-to-understand and straightforward bonuses. Some gimmicky units of course but that does not effect how the civ plays. A lot of historical references which is what I value the most.
My expectation for European civ reworks is not the US/Mexico or African level of gimmicky, but the Sweden and Italy level.


I agree with u 100% guy.

Shipments of new mercs/natives, taverns…it will be perfect.