The description of my mode is not showing

That’s the mode! On the link, I can see the description, but it’s blank in the ingame menu, where you install modes.

Anyone have a clue about it?

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New link. Other one just started to crash. IDK why.

Anyway, I can see the description when I download the mod, but when I go to the first window (the one that shows you the mods you have installed) It doesn’t show anything. Some advice?

This issue is not specific to your mod. I also see description for mods in webpage and in ingame “Browse Mods” tab, but not in ingame “Installed Mods” tab.

@DodoNotDoDo Could you organize this issue to be fixed? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for pointing this out. A bug has been logged and it should be fixed in an upcoming update.

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