The dev team must not play Team Games?

I can’t think of any other reason that this garbage state of affairs could go on for SO LONG. Constant failures to load matches, garbage matchmaking, brainless Invite Friend feature, asinine breaking up of parties after every match. So far tonight my group has managed to get two games in FOUR HOURS because of crashes, failures to connect, disconnects, and those two matches were super brief because of ELO mismatches. It’s getting hard to keep staying invested with all this BS.

This is not rocket science. Instead of all the constant, pointless challenges and collectible nonsense, PLEASE devote a little attention to some simple fixes
Make Invite to Party sort by most recent
Have a friends list IN GAME that you can use to invite people

If we’re just coasting until AoE4, let us know, so we can stop wasting time and effort and find something better to do with our free time.


Pretty sure the most recent is a choice in sorting. “Recently played”

Why more content is bad again? Yeah, probably they should consider adding skins as mods too, but that’s another topic.

If you are using Steam, why would you ever need any extra friend list?

But if it’s MS Store, it’s a fair point.

If we were waiting around until AOE4, there would be no bug fixes in the patches, which the recent one had.


why would anyone use the MS store version over the Steam version?

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My man we’ve been complaining about these issues pretty much since January. I literally think the devs don’t care, because a certain % of players are able to get it to work and the majority are SP players, so screw everyone else.

But you’re gonna get responses along the line of “it was worse in the past” “why would you want to do THAT” etc because this forum is filled with those types of people

Because sometimes people are different to one another…

Because it takes time away from doing more practical things

Wrt to the rest of your post :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: really now?


Well, better ask them tbh.

They are still fixing bugs in the recent patches. How about taking a look at the latest patch spotlight?

The latest patch, where they fixed a bug that’s been acknowledged since at least January, and a couple other extremely rare items? That patch? Consider me whelmed. Every patch or update also ends up breaking something that they fixed in the past, after months of issues. Don’t worry about that, though, here’s some new worthless content and SKINS!

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I’ve heard that the MS version have slightly better performances, something to do with Steam not dealing well with the anti-cheat or something. For me it doesn’t matter since I like having my games available in offline mode and I still can’t make AoE1 to work without internet connection but ig some people got the MS offline mode to work.

No, some of them did that, sure. Not all of them.

At the very least they aren’t being EA in that regard.

Shouldn’t the game consider using VAC?

Still, it’s a bugfix.

You guys tend to forget the current state of the world is a pandemic and not an ordinary situation.

most likely more discounts or a package pricing offered than even steam. some guy told me he got it in a bundle of games part of pass and it was real cheap, along with other games he wanted.

The MS version has more freezes and stutter, probably the connection there is even less steady, those micro stutters and go back at fast speed means you have lost the connection for few seconds, so i’d say the steam version is better.

I used for months the aoe2DE for the xbox gamepass to smurf, i experienced more dc and MM random crashes to the main menu.

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Yes maybe it would be good for you to do that.