The Devs agree to add an Indian civ to address the Community's concerns

yes… afghans, bengals, rajputs, dravids, hinds, sikhs, nepal, sinhalese, asamese, tibetans… we are all south asians and we need our identity represented properly for the sake of our history


It was me who started the topic :sweat_smile:

My topic even got a bunch of downvotes on reddit, but was liked on forums


Why should a Hindu kingdom have the same mechanics as the Muslim Delhi Sultanate?

No way they gonna have the Scholar mechanic.
I could see them having a similar mechanic as in AoE3 with the holy cows.
AoE3 also shows that there are a lot of interesting potential unique units that are not just Elephants.


this was pretty obvious… dunno why some people thought delhi sultan would represent whole india

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im pretty sure they will find many ways to make every indian civ different… if u see in AOE 3 or the dharma mod for aoe 2 you will see how different ways elephant units can be used… indians used elephants in different ways in warfare, mughals mounted swevel cannon on them, bengals used them for transport, some attached modifications like flail, tusk sword etc…the mysorean used rocket mounted elephants lol. their tactics differed a lot too, like rajputs relied mostly on cavalry for shock troopers and bengals didnt even have horse cavalry … so we can see many different mechanics




Do you honestly see this as good news?

Out of all the concerns that the fans have expressed, that was the one that had to be officially addressed and offer us reassurance that more Indian civs are coming?

That should rather trouble us than cheer us.

Have we really reached the point where our main concern and what we want from the devs to publicly address is if and when a second civ from India is going to be added in a supposedly assymetrical game?

Have all other regions and important states around the globe being covered already to even start speaking about it?

Is the game really going to be asymmetrical? Do we have unique units, bonuses, mechanics and designs for each civ? Or have they actually been following a 20years old model, marketed in a more fancy way?
I made a post some time ago but was brought down.

Do the devs have anything to say about the crude animations and unit movements that we saw? Have they improved the scale? Do they have anything to say about the miserable UI or the low unit textures that don’t match their environment?

Do you really believe that they just address ‘fan’s concerns’? What they do, is calming down the huge Indian market. India is a country of 1.4B people. Last thing I would want as a dev is angering my huge Indian market and having angry hindu nationalists asking to boycott the game.

Honestly, I did not like the Delhi as a civ either. I even commented on that thread, agreeing with the concerns. But it is what it is, they should have thought about this earlier.
I do not expect a new Indian civ anytime soon, nor do I want to, nor is it a priority or such an important issue that a microsoft’s spokesman has to come out about it. Particularly when the game failed to create a positive first impression for so many people -and not because of Delhi-.

These are not good news to me.
What I get from that is that some executives care more in securing a commercial success to be able to come in front and celebrate their victory after release rather than actually making a good game.
I have seen more important topics being discussed in those forums yet no microsoft spokesperson came out to say anything.


There are many missing civs to represent most of the world. So you should be pleased…

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One article wont fix all the perceived concerns nor can not representing India properly fix all the other representation concerns of the world.

The latest E3 trailer does show some much smoother game play! I am excited to actually PLAY the game which will answer MOST of these questions. The one answer we didn’t have is if the subcontinent will be properly represented in the future - and for now we do.

So take it as a victory my friend if you were that concerned.

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I am hoping with the reduced civ number Age 4 can avoid the civ bloat of Age 2. I would be quite concerned about the level of civilization bloat that would need to occur to justify a second Indian civ.


I just think it’s an interesting idea to have 2 different Indian civs with enough difference in strategy and focus to keep everything unique.


I think it can be pulled off fairly easily if they focus on the largest and most important empires of the era. The Chola were massive and need to be in the game in their own right.


Awesome work! I’m hoping now for the Byzantine Empire to be added with a playstyle of having East & West as two different playstyles in-game East being the Greeks and West being the Romans.

Oh please, the second Indian civ will probably be larger than the French and English combined. I fail to see how this will lead to a civ bloat unless the person is an ultra-nationalist.

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I think you are getting me wrong. I don’t want not another Indian civ because I want another European civ or something. I just think “8 is good, let’s leave it at that”. With a not symmetrical game, frequent additions of civs risks either breaking balance or become much of the different variations of the same like AOE2 is. As for the English and French, sure they are small, but their empires have wielded a ton of global power, plus they have fought wars with each other for so long the content potential is huge.

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Now they should consider our concerns about why Abbasids are speaking Persian ?
Abbasids are 100% Arabs and they hired some Turkish mercenaries, so we both Iranians and Arabs need an explanation on why those Abbasids units are speaking Persian ?


Abbassids conquered Persia → Abbassids get a persian speaking unit

Yes, this is logical and this will add some flavor, but the majority should speak Arabic, and they should tell us what is the case, if the language for example transformed from Arabic to Persian or Turkish after aging, it will be completely wrong and un acceptable.
but what you said is absolutely acceptable and make sense.


What is a civ bloat ?

He is referring to the huge amount of civs in aoe 2 that play more or less the same.

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