The Dev's don't read this, so why try?

As people say, the developers don’t read the forums. So what are we doing here? Let’s make this ■■■■ go dry. Stop posting anything, and let the apologists play the game and post how great it is. Let them figure it out on their own. Last post for me.

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Didn’t the devs always say on every stream so far that they do indeed read the forums? Just because they don’t reply doesn’t mean that they don’t take feedback into account and it’s quite hard to please everyone. I get that their communication sucks azz but atleast give them their time to evaluate and implement stuff mentioned on feedback. You can’t patch a game so fast and please everyone without breaking the game even more.

I don’t understand why this forum is such a mess of an angry-mob-echochamber. It’s better if those people that only want to spread negativity leave this forum with their conspiracy theories aswell. This game is not even close to beiing a perfect game, but with given time and constructive feedback we might end up there someday.


Are you a troll or are you insane ? Man devs read the forums and that has been confirmated by a dev of Microsoft days ago , I can’t find the source but they read , just go and search any important topic or go to bug reports and see for your self .

Also I changed my mind in terms on how criticism has to be send , not in the way we are doing it rn , we are going to get awful results with just complaining everyday . We need to have patience , they are probably working on a big patch and then when they release it they are going to do small ones as always .

Patience is the key , not complaining everyday.


They do and there are plenty of dev responses to threads. It is incredibly clear that they do read the forums and to pretend otherwise is just bizarre behaviour.


Well against that point. I can say i’m a platypus-bear too. Doesn’t mean it’s true if you see what i mean…


in the other hand there is people saying the game is perfect as it is and nothing have to change… i don’t see how that game is good taking in account it’s current state

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I have not once seen anyone say the game is perfect.

Any delays and problems do not help brighten the future of the game, but at the same time people are acting like they are on life support and the only thing that can save them is a reply from the developers.

Ironic how the biggest critics of the game appear to need to have the game intravenously fed into their veins with expedited patch notes.

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I got a reply from a developer on my post a few days ago.

I’m not even sure what you are trying to accomplish here…
So what are you even doing here?

Does this forum have a higher proportion of crybabies to what the percentage of crybabies is in the general population? How about compared to the percentage of crybabies in the overall AOE 4 gaming population and not just crybabies in this forum? It also makes me curious about the percentage of crybabies in the general computer gaming population, or crybabies in all video gaming media to include consoles. I know a couple crybabies myself just as my anecdotal personal experience, but I would guess that’s less crybabies than other groups. I would make a poll, but I don’t think I can make a poll as a reply. So let’s ask the magic 8-ball…

Signs point to Yes

Now let me go to my forum settings to change my activity summary email interval from daily to weekly or monthly.