The difficulty changed on us recently

After reading your build order description, I have to say its not doing you any favours and is very vulnerable to an timing attack, which the AI will do if it senses that you are slow to mass up, the AI is getting better in that regard, they will do timing attacks, and not just try to rush or boom.

Imma adapt a few points from these guide

A few points:

  • Start immidiately with 3 vils on coin (after crates), and then put the rest on food, every single one of them, dont add any new ones to wood before you age up.

  • Only start collecting wood after the age up is underway, and when you do, send all of your vils to wood to collect enough for a bank, then switch to collect food for the bank as well, dont build a market or a second house in transition, build a bank. Your age up should also be the quartermaster (400 wood) most of the time

  • Try to max out on Banks as fast as possible.

  • Your card choices are slow to pay off ( the food trickle, the wood gathering upgrades), the first card in age 1 should be 3 vils, always. Dont send any upgrade cards, focus on cards that will help you get out banks. That means wood crates, both 600 wood and 700 wood.

  • You are building too many barracks and stables way too early, most early ecos cant sustain double barracks production in age 2, especially dutch and it becomes resources that could have been another bank or more houses. Start with 1 and only 1 (often a barrack), you cant even build both barrack and stable, only 1 or the other at first. Only in age 3 or late age 2 when you have maxed out banks can you think to add another building

  • You are dutch, get to age 3 as fast as possible, if you can get away with not even making units in age 2 then do so.

  • And timing is important, while you may have gotten to age 2 faster then the AI, they have better resource spread and also faster workrate then you, so even if you are gathering more, they have spent it better and can hit you in the face harder. If you have resources unspent then its effectively wasted.

I don’t play large maps too big. The AI play like idiots so that makes it easier. They tend to retreat a lot. Just because you can’t beat extreme AI that does not mean other people can’t.

The question here is, how long does it take you to get to age3 °-°

jaja yo me he encontrado en ocaciones que la ia me llega a insdustrial al minuto 12 y a imperial al minuto 20 xD y yo con suerte llegando a IV en el minuto 19 xd