The dominance of Gold/Stone as resources

It seems to me that even in high elo now, Gold and Stone are more worthwhile to collect compared to Wood and especially Food.

3 Stable Knights? Buy the missing food with extra Gold vills. It’s an all-in strat, but often it pays off, you can’t sustain the food buying forever, but you can do it for long enough to crush the opponent (works especially well with Franks/Berbers).

Map is Arena/Nomad and Castle drops are dominant? Buy the extra Stone to be sure you’re the one dropping the Castle first, then buy Food to go to Imp first. The Castle sets the tone of the game so well that even if you re-locate eco, you will have to deal with it at some point in Imp.

Thoughts? I tend to consider using the Market to buy a Castle/buy Imp as a cheese strat, since it bypasses fundamental game mechanics like developing an economy and deciding how many TCs to put behind an aggressive play. Pair that to some borderline broken UU like Janissary and you have the perfect recipe for the cheese/clown player.

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Gold and stone are indeed intended as premium strategic resources while food & wood are common and relatively expendable (hence the entire concept of trash units). Use it now or play a longer attrition strategy ?

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I consider the market to be mostly a bandaid solution to poor eco-balancing. It can be used to buy food which can give you a short term advantage but watch any Jon Slow game to see just how bad it hamstrings your economy in the long run and if your taken off gold it is GG. The effectiveness market abuse all-ins mostly come down to your ability to read the game and how your opponent responds and can be detected by checking market prices. Moderation helps mitigates most of the drawbacks, Using market abuse to age up is always almost a good idea.

JonSlow is a niche Arena specialist though. Market abuse works much better on Arabia and open maps because you can actually do damage with all-in pressure. Arena pressure is always much slower because of the stone walls and the long term goal of securing the relics.

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The economic principles still apply on any land maps And they don’t need multiple TC to out boom you just a respectable farm count and then they can to add more TC once the pressure dies down. Your opponent doesn’t need scouting to detect an all in market abuse. they can just check market prices.

But they need their own market for that in the first place. Most standard build orders don’t include a market, they will typically go for military building + blacksmith. Having said that, better players can detect all-in market abuse without scouting or checking market prices. It’s usually clear from the fast castle timing and level of aggression that it’s a low eco play.

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