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I had a lot of fun with this scenario and couldn’t put it down until I completed it. Most of the time I felt like my resources were just barely keeping up with need, but I was able to keep it together and push through. Exploring new areas was very fun and I enjoyed finding all the secrets around the map.

A few things I’d like to point out, though…

The Scout Constructs are extremely overpowered. Or maybe everything else is just not very effective at dealing with the damage output of enemy units. I was clearing areas pretty easily with 10-20 of them, although I needed the range upgrades first. They shred…well, everything. Except Steam Tanks and bombards, really.

It kind of made the other units feel useless…though I think a big part of that is the insane, one-shot kill damage boosts some of the enemy melee units have. I suppose the point is to make combat dangerous and costly, but it had the effect of instead making me not want to ever enter melee range of those things and focus exclusively on ranged units.

I don’t really have a ton of nitpicks about the scenario or anything; the only other things I disliked was the jarring end. Getting yeeted to the monument and told to defend it against waves of enemies came out of nowhere and felt utterly unconnected to anything else that happened previously. Didn’t feel like I was accomplishing a goal or coming to the end of a journey, just like I was pulled away from the quest I was on with no warning or chance to turn back. It was like…completely disconnected from everything else I’d done thus far.

Not sure what the solution there is, but I hope you can find a better conclusion to the scenario, because as it is, it left me feeling unsatisfied. I don’t think the whole vision of an ancient monument thing really works as a conclusion. Although I have to admit I’m not sure it was working properly anyway. The counter until the first wave began kept ticking up and the Troll Juggernaut started inside my base. Built a Dragon Breath Tower and the level just ended right there.

There were also a few bugs I noted…I got a message at one point saying I’d unlocked Sapper blueprints. It doesn’t appear to have actually done anything though; I still could not build them. Also, the battle at the southwest between Greenskins and Dwarves can be triggered early if you get too close from the east, as the archers will shoot your units and then move towards the dwarves if you’re out of range. The raids in the barrens can also spawn early and become overpopulated to the point that by the time you enter the region, the units have piled up and can no longer actually move to attack you.

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Okay, I made sure to do a second playthrough with no saving/reloading just to be sure none of the bugs were caused by that. Sure enough, the Juggernaut was still at the monument from the start, but this time I was suddenly defeated after building my first fire tower. No clue why; the Monument was still intact and the first wave hadn’t even started.

Also, a couple more bug reports: the ones previously mentioned were still valid even without any reloads. The Champion Berserk tech doesn’t have a torch when researched. The timer for the humans to run out of patience resets itself when it hits 0 instead of sparking an attack.

I also noticed an issue with the +1 attack for warriors secret buff, that may be affecting the Pikemen as well. It worked in the beginning, so I think it was caused by researching something. It causes their attacks to only hit at 0 range, but they continue attacking at 1 range, resulting in them doing no damage. Guessing it was probably Druzinha…I don’t think that tech was ever intended to be used on units with a 0+1 range. Might be fine if the range is a flat one, but I’m not sure, I’d have to test it.

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Hello, thanks a lot for playing the scenario and taking your time to give me some feedback on it. Main problem at this point is just the sheer amount of triggers in the scenario, adding new triggers is guaranteed to break several others in most cases. Lot of bugs happen out of nowhere like this when i try to fix things. Therefore i need to be very carefull at what i add/change. The monument having juggernout is something i tried to fix several times at this point. If i read it correctly you have seen it happen 6 days ago, last updated the scenario on 04.06 2023 where i tried to fix him spawning too early and shortened time for waves to spawn. There were other issues where juggernaut had incorrect armor and attack which i fixed but if he still taleports too early im not sure where that is buried. I looked at obvious triggers but didnt find any extra taleport effects relating to him. The tunnel scout constructs are were good but also expensive that goes for practically all the constructs. I already nerfed them several times so as they are right now is a sweet spot i think. I want them to have an identity but they are very powerfull when massed. I think you should experiment with berserkers a bit, they excess against fortifications as they swarms them and resist projectiles. I have a VOD of my recent playthrough if you want to see it for inspiration.
The ending has been ad-hoc since the scenario just could not handle more ######## or units on the map really. So i had to come up with a way to end it rather prematurely. I think the scenario shines most in early/mid game where you juggle resrources and explore a lot.