The Elo System is a Problem

Hello. I think that the Elo system is a problem for the game, and needs a rework. I’m fine with the calculations for non-team games, the problem is the idea. Currently, everyone is sticking to the old system where the score of all ranked players ever, must sum to 1000 * the number of all ranked players ever. If we get rid of this, the game could improve a lot. Primarily, if we keep part of the calculation system, but implement an AI that scans how people perform, and then if it detects people clearly smurfing (Performing at a level several hundred elo below their actual score based on performance, on a consistent basis), it then moves them to the lower range of where it thinks they should be. This would help address smurfing, and make the game more enjoyable for more players. They could also begin to work on a lot of other fixes and suggestions. We just need to change the mindset about all the scores adding to the number of players * 1000. It is an outdated and inefficient system, and needs a change, preferably by adding AI that can stop people smurfing, at least at elos below 1000, where it seems to be most problematic. What do people think?


I think that is a great idea, but I also highly doubt that Microsoft will take the effort to implement AI for this, given their lack of effort to address more mundane problems.

If they do, though, they also have the resources to create an AI that evaluates players’ skills on different map, giving everyone a map specific rating. That would be nice.

Fraud AI detection is hard. Very likely harder than a range of other problems AOE2 did not solve yet.

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I could be wrong, but I thought a similar system was already in place. The first 10 games or so are used to rapidly place you in the correct elo. You can gain or lose more points than the opponent for these games, so the elo points are not conserved.

I’m also not clear how anyone is smurfing in games below 1000 elo. Don’t new accounts start at 1000, and would quickly go up if they’re stomping everyone? Are you saying players are dropping their elo with resign spam to play others under 1000 elo? That would be annoying, but I can’t say I’ve seen any evidence.

People deliberately Alt-f4 or resign early in order to drop elo, just so that they can smash people at lower levels.