The elo system is already starting to be a problem for many

With the passage of time the rating has dispersed a lot which is natural, before the players with the highest rating had a range between 1500-1800 more or less in April, now they have more than 2000 and in Supremacy Team it is even more dispersed since the Top 10 have more than 2380.

What is the problem with this ??
It is becoming more and more common for Pros players to get 0 rating after winning a game, in the event that they lose that game, they would surely lose more than 40 rating, this obviously also happens vice versa, it is very frustrating it is as if you got involved to play ranked to win nothing.

The system in which elo is calculated is the same as that used in chess, I understand that, if I’m wrong I hope someone will correct me.

The reason why this system does not work is because there are few players online being in the ranked queue at the same time, there are also few in the ranking so there is not much competition within the ranking, that generates wormholes that run into each other. players of very different elo in matchmaking.


It would be nice if the system of ranked in teams can be hosted as in the treaty.

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It very likely uses the Glicko-2 system which is based on ELO but has some changes that makes it more useful for online games.

ELO doesn’t take it into account what happens if a player takes a break from the game the Glicko-2 system has has an uncertainty value that increases over time when inactive.
The higher the uncertainty the higher the impact of a loss/win on the rating.
Means for the same match against the same enemy with the same rating you can loss/win more points when you were inactive longer.
But same with ELO the system just redistributes points and doesn’t generate or destroy points. The number of points the winner gets are the same as the number the looser loses.

But a general problem with rating systems is that new players add points to the system that are collected by the good players (In actually chess the ELO rating is guessed when they start playing, that doesn’t work for online games) that means that after a few months or even years high skill players will have a higher rating.

But on the other side if a lot of high ranking players leave the game a lot op point leave the system.

Also you already mentioned it. The system doesn’t work when there aren’t enough players.
If there are only 5 players queueing up the game just can’t give you someone with a similar skill level unless it would increase the queue times a lot.
Also it doesn’t want to match you with the same people again and the person you played against the last will likely also queue at the same time, that removers 2 potential players (the last enemy and their next enemy) from the payer pool.

Most people value fast queue times over good matches I guess. Better the spend 10 minutes in a bad game than 10 minutes just waiting.

I’m globbing on to a small point, but this would be greatly alleviated by the ability to edit decks while waiting. I used to wait 15 minutes in legacy but I could chat and edit decks. Now it’s 2-4 minutes (for me) but I have to find something else to do.


Los jugadores estariamos muy agradecidos si agregaran el sistema de clasificacion a las partidas personalizadas , este sisitema de clasificacion fue añadido ultimamente a las partidas personalizadas de tratado.

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