The era of Bulgarian, Korean, Portuguese, Tatar and Turk dominance will start soon :)

After looking at the changes and the fact that those civs remained very weak from literally long time ago as well with few hours until the patch is out will finally end, that civs will see more action than ever, no more F tier civs here, or at least is that I hope 11

Only the Italians will remain below average I guess

But now what I see is what civs will take the place of the above mentioned at the lower tier?

FE did a good job at buffing that civs (Maybe the Turks will be broken).


Agreed all except Tatars, their changes are minor.
And Ripperino Indians.

And you are forgetting the civs which are simply allowed to be dominant after every single balance patch, no matter what happens. Franks, Celts and Vikings.

inb4 “You’re points are always wrong”.

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They would be still ahead to Italians 11

Overall we cannot complain on the balance changes, if they are confirmed. Two trash civs over 35 is a very good balance, devs may fix 5 civs in one shot with this new patch.

Atleast Italians are no1 in water. Italians is like the Aquaman in DC, of AOE2.
WHereas Indians are good for nothing now. More useless than Lois Lane in DC.
inb4 “wHeRe Is ThE pRoOf FoR yOuR ClAiMs???”

Are the balance changes confirmed? Are the patch notes out?

Indians would be still one of the best pocket civs.

I have said somewhere else, it is a very bad design for these two civs (TGs only and water only). But it is just 2 bad civs! It was basically 50% of them one year ago.



Tatars will be solid with the delayed farms and buffed CA @Parthnan and of course the extra melee armor on the Hussars which will be amazing.
Also Hun meta is back.


Those already were tested by a streamer with early access.

Yeah, i know they were also leaked in the BR event.
I just noticed some new threads today, so there must be a new ‘leak’.

Hel no, Bulgarians OP now. Almost too much food savings before Imperial.
The Byzantine Imp bonus and Spanish BSmith bonus is nothing in front of this.

inb4 “wHeRe Is ThE pRoOf FoR yOuR ClAiMs???”

Bulgarians will still have nothing vs Tatars.

Bulgarians can’t counter Camels at all.

You mean they cannot, with FU Halbs and 8 melee armor 2HS with free upgrades AND 50% cheaper techs?

They will shred Camels the same way a Celt player does. And with more and earlier numbers and a buffed Squires.

Konniks counter Camels. As soon as the horse dies, the Infantry Konnik will win against the Camel.

How can Bulgarians counter Castle Age Camels paired with Crossbows?

I agree about Imperial Age, but u have to get there first.

With sheer infantry numbers. No other civ gets freeway as Bulgarians do with their free Millitia line upgrades AND now cheaper Blacksmith techs AS WELL AS buffed Squires, so celt infantry speed now.

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They are countered by Crossbows no matter what.

Have u ever seen FC Longswords as Celts vs Archer civs?

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No. But I have seen FC nights vs Archer civs.
And 2 kreposts will help.

Bulgarian Knights with Stirrups destroy generic Castle Age Camel Riders IIRC
(inb4 “wHeRe Is ThE pRoOf FoR yOuR mAsSiVe ClAiM???”)

And now consider you can get our 3-4 more Knights now on the field in Early Caslte with the Blacksmith bonus.

Yes, but you make two type of units, Camels and Crossbows.

and Camels are cheaper and are created faster + 2 Kreposts kill your economy. :slight_smile:

If there’s any thing you need to be worried about, It’s the fact that half the UUs and UTs ever see play competitively…

which is the saddest thing second only to the (now revealed as entirely unnecessary)
DATA MOD requirement for Unit Skin mods.

And to know how little it would take to fix these…

Nobody mentioning anything about koreans, turks or portuguese in this thread…

So they wont be neither top nor bottom tier