The European’s spy need of rework regional unit skin and new skills

The Spy will be different in the next NE for AOE3DE version. Even though still having decent stats, he’ll be less of a massable melee unit (cause that just looked ridiculous), but really become a tactical unit in the sense of sabotage (special ability), reconaissance (LOS) and assassination (Crackshot attack). I suggest is European spy has to for regional unit skin. Check out his modes and ranged attack anim spy’s revolving pistol Model replacement with Flintlock Pistol Model


So the developers will become regional unique skin and new skills after the European spy from this No longer has the skin of a European general spy

Si bien las cartas de asesinos y agentes respectivamente les dieron un ataque cargado de pistola este es algo muy inutil xd, seria mejor que solo tardara 8 o 10 segundos en recargarse o que directamente fuese un ataque normal con 3 segundos por disparo en lugar de ser un disparo unico tan tardado

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Yes the spy we need of new skills and European spy has to for regional unit skin is developer happen to be suggested rework is great Changes in Portrait and Visual Effects