The fan preview video was bad exported

listen, I’ve already seen as 50 times the fan preview and graphics of the video seems to be at 720p even when the quality of my monitor is 4k. we have been arguing in the official discord of age of empires and we have come to the conclusion that the video is badly exported

As we see in this photo, the game seems to be in 4k graphics, the terrain looks beautiful.


Either the video is badly exported or the game is in medium graphics. because there is a big graphic difference


They just didn’t give us a game video.
They gave us goulash.

Could be true. Many videos get pixelated with low video bitrate.

Or in best case this FAN Preview was made by fan(s) and we only see scenes recorded by players themself. Maybe they showed us old gameplay footage from players.

Viper also said, the game made a huge progress in the last time and his hype increased much. This would explain, why some textures look detailed, some not. It’s just a very optimistic, unlikely theory.

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So we will hope that the level of the game will go up.

The animation will improve.
The size of the arrows and their trajectories will improve. And we must not forget the speed of the arrows.
The size of weapons, buildings, elephants and more will improve.


I really hope so. First trailer was very promising and then we got this, a downgrade

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The first trailer in X019 is obvious an animation, but the trailer to present aoe fan preview was really good.

i think the issue with is they zooming in during the fan preview event, which is really weird when you do it for an rts since no one play the game zoomed in, they should give us the actual view of player when playing the game instead of zooming in and out


The top picture is the gameplay view most likely, and it looks that much better. They can make a separate ultra graphics or smth for people who want that

Yes, a gameplay animation, but it is named Gameplay trailer. So it’s still gameplay, but maybe post edited.

Mmm no… i seen the the two trailers, the fan preview trailer and the fan preview event, and the trailer for fan preview is much better.

very tasty i love goulash

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