The features removed from the campaign that I really like

Probably a controversial opinion, but I really liked the game design in the campaigns with regards to the following:

  1. Archers when attacked in melee fought back using daggers and not their bows. I’m still very sad this got removed after the beta.

  2. Blacksmith was for upgrading melee units and had more techs to research. Like some tech that increased cavalry melee armor and another tech that improved spear bracing etc.

  3. The arsenal building which does ranged and siege upgrades. It also had techs that are no longer in the main game. The incendiary arrow tech was in the arsenal and it allowed archers to do fire damage to buildings. Much better than what incendiary arrows does now.

  4. Need to research chemistry before you train bombards and handcannons. This was there in the beta, and I liked it like that. Given today’s AoE4 being age of bombards, putting them behind a steeply priced tech may help.

I don’t feel like adding these things will enormously affect balance, but they do make the game richer. The game is nice, but the civilizations lack cultural depth. The game may be strategically rich but the civs are very empty by comparison.

Simplifying this game by getting rid of the arsenal and other features that were initially in some previous build was maybe a good idea for esports, but personally I enjoy a little more structure and complexity to how a civ works.


I dislike all of those things, but there is one thing from the campaigns I miss: scouts moving slower when holding carcasses.

Please, please, please: end the Age of Scouts.

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I don’t know why archers should fight back with bows when the enemy is literally next to them.

Other things are subjective, so it’s totally fair that you may dislike them.

I actually think the scouts carrying carcasses fast is fine. There’s no point to pro scouts otherwise. However they should not be allowed to carry away a carcass that someone is already working on. So a fix might be to just kill all deer and assign a single villager to each.


i actually share the same opinions , the game felt so much medieval back then , they simplified this and now it makes me sad lol


Then these must be the thoughts of casuals lol.

Hopefully the AoE4 devs will remember that we casuals still exist and make content for us.

Already pretty sad that these ranked seasons or whatever will have the playerbase competing against each other for rewards lol. There goes any chance of me winning a cool skin or profile pic.

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Yeah, fire arrows should damage buildings a lot more like in AoM!