The following civs need a buff

How to get unstuck: Practice, practice, practice. If you have nothing better to do, spend all day practicing the game (but only if you have no other commitments). With enough practice and consistency, your skill will improve in no time. If it doesn’t, then that means that your brain simply isn’t equipped to play the game and you should give up. But I’m pretty sure you’ll improve.


I disagree :rofl: There’s elo for a reason.

The way i improved wasn’t even playing online. I played vs Ai a lot 1v1’s. Started on moderate, then hard, hardest and extreme. Every win i’d up the difficulty. Now Extreme feels too easy. ( cheesing the Ai doesn’t count ) Now Ranked matches feel balanced. You win some and you lose some. That’s just how it goes.

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That’s what I’m doing. Except for

this. I probably should, to be honest. Moderate’s way too easy. I plan on moving onto Hard now, because I’m getting better at early aggression.

That’s precisely my fear. This is the reason I’ve claimed, in the other thread, that this game is designed for people who are proficient in maths, programming, economics and finance. But some users provided evidence to the contrary, so… maybe I’m just too f***ing dumb? I’m gonna be serious now: practice doesn’t always yield results. I insist on this because that is how my real life has turned out. There have been many instances in which my efforts were in vain, in areas in which you need to “practice”.

I haven’t tried hardest and extreme levels, so I guess I could give it a shot.

I’m not good at any of those things and I’m probably better than you. It just takes some level of micromanagement, multi-tasking, and keeping calm under pressure. I’m still not good, but it’s a start.

If you manage to beat those difficulties consistently, then you can beat the majority of players on ladder.

Challenge accepted.

By the way, you’re not good at neither maths, programming, economics nor finance, and you still haven’t defeated the AI on Hard. You’re proving my point.

I’ve managed to defeat them a few times on Arena. I can probably do it now because I’m better at early aggression.

Actually, you have more experience than me playing against real people, so you probably are better, if at least marginally.

There’s only one way to find out.

Okay, so this topic doesn’t go off track, I’d like to propose a button. This button becomes available at Feudal Age, and upon pressing it, it gives 20 of a certain unit that is related to the civ. Mongols/tatars/cumans: cavalry archers. Franks/huns/burgundians: paladins. Khmer: elephants. However, this disables advancing to the imperial age. What does everyone else think?

Sounds kind of like the Revolution from AoE3. Not a fan. Doesn’t fit the game, and you know how people feel about instant batches of units.

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Umm… the thing is that Revolution isn’t meant for people who can’t play. What I’m proposing is an alternative for players who are terminally stupid. And please stop labeling my ideas as “not fitting the game”, it’s really off-putting.

Terminally stupid players just can’t play the game. It’s not for them. Ergo, they shouldn’t be accommodated. If they want to play an RTS game, play AoE3. That game practically plays itself.

If the shoe fits, no pun intended. If you learned to play the game as it is now, you wouldn’t need to make a bunch of silly suggestions that don’t fit the game.


Everyone would pick this, since it has the potential to finish the game right away. The first to Feudal would win, and the person that doesn’t click that button won’t be able to defend from this.
You can say “oh but you can build walls and keep the cavalry out while you advance to castle”. Sure, but that’s what towers and archers are for, there’s no way to stop 20 cav archers, paladins or elephants in feudal age.

I agree with Apocalypso here, i think you’re spending too much time coming up with these things and not enough time practicing :rofl: Try a match vs hardest or extreme Ai and let us know how it went. keep in mind the Ai rushes around 27-30 pop if it has an archer civ.


I’m gonna play that match against Hardest IA in a moment. For the time being, I have designed my button:

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Here it is. Wouldn’t you know it? I was defeated. You only made me hate the game more.
Gargarensis game v. AI.aoe2record (1.8 MB)

That’s no surprise. I can’t consistently beat Hard AIs yet, and there’s no way you’re better than me. But keep trying on lower difficulties, and you’ll get it.

I uploaded my latest match believing that somebody would watch it and comment on it hahahaah I’m such a dumb ####

There’s been like no response, and I think I’ve designed a pretty neat button. What does everybody else think? Just picture it: a noob is on feudal age and the opponent launches a scout rush, and the noob doesn’t know what to do. So he presses the button and WHAM, cavalry archers to the rescue.

Last night I lost against a player who used Goths, so devs, can you like, deprive Goths of every bonus?

Sorry i was away for a few days. Here are some things i noticed in your replay:

1- You didn’t scout your opponent.
2- you didn’t use the forests when you built the walls, wasting tons of resources needlessly.
3- 1st mining camp very badly placed, the gold was so near you could have used 1 mining camp for both stone and gold.
4- went to feudal age way too early, especially with Malay.
5- bad scouting with sheep, bad timing sending them back to vils causing them to go idle.
6- didn’t eat the deers.
7- 18 vils on wood for feudal age is too much without archers.
8- no army. started making army at min 27.
9- got housed. (don’t we all)
10- you turned back with the elephants when the Ai attacked, that was a mistake. you should have pushed at that moment! You would have caused serious damage.
11- You went crossbows, that was good. Next time go crossbows first before the elephants. Maybe knights would have been better here, because the Ai would make tons of skirms to kill your xbows and the knights would kill them all.
12- The Ai went archers and monks towards the end, you should have made a castle to defend that location where they were always attacking. You had 0 castles :frowning:

So i played a match with the same civs on the same map against Extreme Ai. I’ll upload it here in case you want to check it out. I played terribly but won lol You don’t have to do everything perfect to win in this game, i hope this comment and the match helps you improve your game! If you have any questions let me know!
@Apocalypso4826 you might want to check it too :slight_smile: I let the Ai attack me first to make it more interesting xD

Sandy Vs Extreme Ai (13.7 MB)

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Hey there! Thank you for your analysis. I should point out that my main goal was advancing as quickly as possible to Feudal and wall with stone walls. I do that because I want a definitive solution to the things that may happen in Feudal: scout rush, archer rush, and forward towers. The last one is the reason I didn’t use the forests as walls: because then the villagers working on wood would be in range of enemy towers.

As for exploring with sheep, I didn’t even remember I had done that, because I don’t ever do that. Pros do send sheep to explore. I won’t carry out that tactic it until I’m a pro, or rather, I won’t become a pro unless I carry out that tactic. Who knows. The mysteries of life reveal themselves at their own fancy and we can only stare at the vast plain that is the future.

Deers: yeah, I’m beginning to hunt deer.

Not scouting the opponent was out of laziness; it’s wrong, I know. Then there was a point in which I knew I had lost so I stopped trying to cause damage to the enemy’s base. In your reply, when I read “I played terribly but won”, I wondered how could you play “horribly” if you beat the Extreme AI. Then I saw that your karambit went under town center fire and crossbowmen fire simultaneously… ugh, that was heart wrenching. Anyway, you are really good!. Now I’m uploading a recent match of which I’m proud because I won. It’s long, so watch it only if you feel like it. In this match, my strategy of walling with stone in Feudal paid off.
Gargarensis game Khmer v Bohemians.aoe2record (4.9 MB)