The frequency that the hunts move around is way too high

I hope I am not the only that has an issue with this.
I understand this might be done to compensate for the fact civs have a higher amount of ressources in base.
But the frequency that they move is way too high. It is really frustrating having to spend a significant portion of your apm and time microing the hunts.
Herding is essential on this game if you want to survive from rushes or avoid raids, but also to avoid wasting vill seconds by walking to a hunt that is far away.
But now you also are having to waste several vill seconds just to control the herds.
It doesn’t have to be reverted to legacy frequency, but it would be really nice if the hunts where to move around with less frequency that they do now


Everyone’s habits are indeed different.Japanese may be suitable for you
Have you tried the berries on the side?
Use cards that accelerate the collection of berries. Of course, maybe the development team should put more berries on the map.
There are also animals on the map of Asia who don’t like to walk around, you can also try
Of course players who are good at controlling animals should get better rewards

No, hunting animals is important. They are harvested at the fastest speed except for livestock. Animals tend to revert too much or run farther than legacy.


Hunting is better.
The gather rate for hunts is higher than for berries and you get 2 market upgrades for hunts.
You can make a case for spice trade card which i use on high berries map, but it boosts gathering rate for both huntables and berries by 20% which means hunting is always more viable.
The problem is that the hunts move away a lot more than they used to in legacy and this can be a real problem when you are playing against civs like india that can force map control very early in the game.
Herding is an essential game mechanic that was fine before with the only issue being that maps where imbalanced and favoured aggressive civs before.
This mechanic should have remained as it was and it shouldn’t have been messed with

I don’t believe it’s higher now than in legacy. Can any devs confirm or deny?

I was playing with an idea in my head. Maybe we could try hunts not migrating at all. Just as an experiment. They could still be herded with shots, but they wouldnt move by themselves.

If this would dumb the game down too much, it can always be rolled back in another patch. But i think its worth a shot.

The frequency that the hunts move away is way higher than legacy, if you play the game, specially on the esoc maps you will instantly notice the difference.

That would probably move it to the other extreme.
The way the hunts behaved on legacy was fine so I would like to believe most of us would be happy if they where reverted back to how they behaved before DE

Trust me, I am playing the game and doing so a lot. I haven’t noticed hunts move much more than on legacy. This is why I want to know from devs if they touched this at all.

One reason I see why hunts move more on EP maps is that there is a higher number of less numerous hunts. The way hunts drift is an animal will walk randomly in some direction away from the herds “mass center”, and then another animals walks randomly from the new “mass center”, eventually the hunt moves as a unit. If the hunt only consists of 3 animals, this drift will be much faster, than if the hunt is consisting of 16 animals.

I play this game a lot and I used to play legacy a lot as well, including the esoc patch version, and the hunts wouldn’t move nearly as much.
There are a lot of players including aussie drongo that recognised this issue.
Also what I meant was that when you play esoc maps on legacy and esoc maps on DE you instantly notice that hunts on legacy dont move as fast or as often as the ones on DE.
The reason why you might have not noticed the difference is because maps on legacy are usually imbalanced and low on resources

I think it’s a very good change to get stuck except when they are attacked.

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I would be totally down for that change too. But I dont think a lot of people would agree with that though.
Specially because russia for example is already considered low tier because of high res maps.
I guess they could just buff russia a bit though.
Also it would make things more fair when dealing against Japan since their vills dont have to spend any walking time to herd.