The Fun Of Lazy Booming Games

Does anyone else here like these chill games… where nobody attacks anyone for an hour or more and just booms in black forest/michi. Start from darkage to the very late Imperial Age, and everyone spams trade carts.

Yes… I know, it’s not the way the game is meant to be played. But I find it fun anyway. It’s fun for noobs and bad players, since they aren’t taken out of the game early by a rush.


Sure. The best games are those where players can decide how they want to play them. Some of the most interesting games to watch are those where the caster says ‘We’re playing x game but we’re not allowed to do z’ or ‘we’ve cranked it to hardest mode but are using the following cheats or mods’.

For you, just open a lobby, call it ‘chill’, and set a long treaty time.

I used to play this way in the past, but now i hate it. You waste 1h for just a small battle if teams are unbalanced.

I think most 1v1s on open maps are currently to booming. I would much more like games with no wall mod, so you really need military and need to fight from the start of the game. I found such game much more fun.


When the battle finally starts the game defo doesn’t become chill with all the unit spam you have to do in order to survive. Also people will fatally complain when they lose because the enemy had a better late-game civ than theirs.

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I guess everyone can have their own personal preferences… I like castle age and early imperial the most. But i will generally quit if the game goes on too long, whether im winning or not.

Prefer DM games to basically skip that 1 hour of pure booming and to straight to the battle.

These settings are the greatest for beginners (no offence intended). Atleast that how I learned the game, playing no rush 30 on aoe 3 or black forest boom in aoe 2.

I enjoy it. I love allowing my opponent to boom so I might fight them at their best.

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