The game chat should necessarily have a language translator

We are in 2019 and there is too much technology to facilitate communication between players from very different languages.

I only speak Spanish, and today I could not specify anything with a Korean player.

I don’t speak English either, to write here I use a translator.

But in the game chat, the chat should recognize the language of who writes, and translate it on the screen of each player, to the language of each player.

Making community among all, speaking fluently among all, regardless of our language, is technologically feasible today, and essential in multiplayer games.

I encourage developers to take care of the details, and this suggestion would greatly benefit the game.

Thank you all, you are the best !!!


Hi @angel9m9, Is there a specific Age game that you would like to see auto translation or is this general feedback?

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I think it would be useful for all the upcoming games.

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@RadiatingBlade Thanks, my friend

I am a computer scientist, an expert in current and future technology, and a fan of Microsoft.

It is clear that all games, including AOE DE, tend to be more social, and that players communicate with each other.

The proposal is for all Microsoft Studios, Xbox or xCloud games.

In AOE, we enter the room finder.
If all players have a chat that detects and translates any language of the other players to that of the player himself:

  • It is feasible to talk about how to create teams with the players present in the game room, before the game.
  • it is feasible to propose and make changes, for example, changes in the map, changes in the speed of the game, changes in the maximum number of units allowed, etc.
  • it is feasible to be able to create real friendships between players of different languages, and many etc.

That a specific game becomes a social game, giving 100% facilities to all players, easy and fast communication between them, without language barriers … helps retain players in the game, helps players invite their friends, help the game grow and be a star game.

Microsoft will compete in the future with Sony, Nintendo, Google, Amazon, etc,

Microsoft has the technology to do it, in fact, Microsoft can do much more complex things:

Microsoft executive Julia White took the stage at the company’s Inspire partner conference to demonstrate how it’s now possible to not only create an incredibly life-like hologram of a person, but to then make the hologram speak another language in the person’s own voice.

This demo was possible thanks to a combination of two existing technologies - mixed reality and neural text-to-speech - and it foreshadows a future in which tech greatly diminishes existing barriers in human communication.

As for how Microsoft pulled off this remarkable demo, the first step was creating White’s seemingly identical, life-sized hologram. To do that, she visited one of the company’s Mixed Reality capture studios, where she was recorded delivering her presentation in English.

That would be enough to allow anyone wearing one of Microsoft’s HoloLens devices to feel like White was standing in front of them, delivering her speech.

To then make it seem like White was speaking Japanese, Microsoft used its neural text-to-speech technology to create White’s “personalized voice signature.” Once it had that, it could have the hologram say anything, in any language, and the audio would sound like White’s voice.

@ESOCNiceKING Thanks, my friend

Exactly, it must be included in all games.

totally apart from the main theme of this thread:

The chat does not allow to put the accents typical of the Spanish language.

We are in 2019, and a game must be taken care of in any detail.

If this happens with one of the most used languages in the world, surely the current AOE DE chat engine cannot be used correctly in most languages, giving a very neglected game image, in a vital aspect: the chat and that players have maximum ease to talk to each other.

Translators are bad for complex languages and give you fake feel other person is speaking same language.

Microsoft’s bing doesn’t even handle “ä” well for it’s search suggestions…


Idk about that but our AoE definitely need a voice chat facility!!!
Even Dota seems to have it

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Yes, it is true that Bing works poorly and is very careless for certain languages and countries.

It is also true that language translators, for example, Microsoft or Google, are not perfect.

But if I want to publish in this forum, I need a language translator beforehand, and here I give you the result of that translation, which does allow you to fully understand the essentials that I want to say.

And I, when reading what you publish in English, using a translator, I understand everything important you say, even if it is not strictly accurate.

I reaffirm my proposals in this thread, not because I pretend to be right.
It is to make my proposals come true, I would make AOE and any other game, a really social game, and it would help you a lot to succeed.


Yes, very good idea, a voice chat is essential and technologically possible.

The voice could be heard, or even the voice could be converted to text, and reflected as if we had used the keyboard.

And that voice chat, regardless of the language of the voice, can also be translated into any language that a particular player has as default in his profile aoe, xbox, xcloud.

We do not talk about fantasies, technology exists, and if something is unquestionable, it will come true.

The question is, in the face of so much competition, why not take the opportunity to make the AOE franchise an example of maximizing the use of existing technologies.

And that the DE versions do not end now. In future years, they should be updated to any technological improvement, in any way.

Perhaps what is sad, is that I feel obliged to open this thread, because there are much higher technologies, they are not being used in something so vital in a social game, such as chat, which still really looks like a chat of the last century.

in the current chat, add that you cannot paste previously copied text, and control + V does not work either

All my comments in this thread, I would like them to be interpreted in positive, with the best intention of the success of AOE.

I always highlight my thanks to Microsoft Studios, game developers and forum moderators, I am sure they try their best to give us the best games.

And my final thanks to the entire community of players, you also help a lot to make the games a success, and for free, you provide the best suggestions, so that the games evolve and become better and better