The game crashes when I apply the custom mode and play Burgundians

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The game crashes when I apply the custom mode and play Burgundians

I am an old fan of the Age of Empires series. However, as a fan of the game, there are many complaints about the distribution of the civilized tech tree by game makers. However, I have not expressed any dissatisfaction even if I am dissatisfied because I can create the civilization tech tree I want through the creation of a custom mode.

But what happened to the game, why does it have a bug every time I patch it?

Prior to the latest patch, choosing Burgundians and applying Personal Custom Mode had no problems with gameplay.

Other civilizations have no problem in playing with their own custom mode, so why do you have problems if you choose only Burgundians?

Of course, the game won’t bounce if you play the game without using the custom mode.
However, I am very dissatisfied with the standards for balancing the game by the production team. So, the complaint was resolved with a personal custom mode.

If it keeps like this, I have no reason to play the game. There were no problems before the latest patch. If I could go back to that time, would I have a complaint?

Fix bugs if you have time for the event

Doubt anyone would take this seriously as this is caused by a mod.

If you can pinpoint why this is happening devs might take a look at it.

If I knew the cause of the problem, so if I knew how to fix it, there is no reason to write this whining. Because it is a problem that cannot be solved by myself, I am complaining like this.

And personal custom modes are also definitely part of the game. Game developers should never neglect issues related to their games.