The game crashes when I select Burgundians and apply custom mode

The game crashes when I select Burgundians apply custom mode

If I choose a different civilization and apply the custom mod, it’s fine. Why does the game bounce when I choose Burgundians apply the mod?

It depends. What does that mod do? Is it up to date?

This is a private mod created after patching to the latest version. It doesn’t touch anything like graphics or systems, just a little bit of a unit’s stats or tech tree.

whats the link of the mod?

There is no link because it is a personal creation mode. But before the latest patch, I used it well without any problems, but only Burgundians has been unable to use it since this patch.

must be some stuff missing otherwise would not crash.

That should be the case, but I don’t really know why the game crashes when I try to play Burgundians in a custom mode. It works fine when playing other civilizations.