The game crashes when I select Burgundians and apply Personal Custom Mode

The title is the content

For other civilizations, it’s okay to apply the custom mode, but just burgundians and the game crashes.

The personal custom mod I’m going to use is a mod created after I patched the game to the latest version, only slightly tweaked the Civilization Techtree, and didn’t touch any game system data or graphics data.

I wanted the game to bounce when I was using a new civilization, so I tried it with Sicilians, but there was no problem with applying a personal custom mode as a Sicilian and playing.

There was no problem with playing with other civilizations, but I can’t figure out why the game bounces when I apply the personal custom mode only with Burgundians and play.

Although I am a fan of the Age of Empires series, I am very dissatisfied with the distribution of the Civilization Tech Tree. And since I’m not interested in achieving achievements, I only play in personal custom mode. However, in order to consider other users who are satisfied with the game, I am using the custom mode alone.

I don’t know how the crew touched the Burgundians when patching. I hope you can fix this problem soon.