The game has stopped because it has encounter an error and has gone out of sync


It the 4th time this is happening and is frustrating, so much that it can make stop playing this game. I am referring to multiplying rating games when some players are about to lose, they just creating an out of sync error just not to lose ELO points. They are creating this by Shutting Down their internet connection on purpose. Really is there any way to fix this? Otherwise, is there any reason to keep playing rating games? I wondering why they cannot fix this issue? So, disappointing it is.

Thank you

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if a resigned player is still watching the game, on this patch atm its so easy to cause a desync by trying to place a Castle foundation on an enemy building in fog

No, it’s not the issue you describe but a bug some players found so as not to lose any ELO points when they about to lose. Just happened again now, in a rating game 2v2. One of the opponents resigned and when I and my ally approach the last player base he created an out of sync error by shutting down his internet. So the game was cancelled and he didn’t lose any points. Thus we lost 1 hour playing a game winning no ELO’s So much frustrating. Developers, can’t you find a solution for this? Its not fare to spend so many hours playing and not get anything.The player nickname was “Sani0” i am sure he 've done this many times before and he will continue doing it.


Same thing happens to me all the time! When playing a game and someone loses in ranking games are causing de syncronization. I don’t understand why the developers are not fixing that. We are investing some time to play and I would really want to see a fix in that “hack”, so as not to lose my time for nothing. From now on I will collect the names of the players and I will be posting them in the forum as well!

Yes, this needs to be fixed, it’s been like this since the new patch happened, it’s been here for quite some time already…