The game has to be restarted after each game (?)

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but the game after the first game when starting the match, the next game doesn’t run well. It stutters and even crashes the game in some cases.


this is well known after a few games or a long one there is issues with lag, restart after every 30 to 1hr of gameplay especially team games which can get laggy anyways.

iirc its something about memory leak or something

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This should be a priority, not if a berries image is about Denmark or Poland.

People dont like to play a laggy game


Look, here a game by my friend Roberto shows what happens to me if I don’t restart the game.

See from minute 16:16 where the problem is more evident. (although apart from the problem, I recommend that you watch the whole game).

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I hope this is resolved at some point. This and many other problems that multiplayer has.

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