The game is in a disastrous state

The title is self-explanatory. The pathing is awful, the ladder is plagued by cheaters (desync) and the crashes are happening all the time.

I don’t want to be toxic, but it’s plain unacceptable than after a year and a half of existence, the game is in such an state where if a match crash, it’s impossible to restore. That just happened in the semifinals of Two Pools Tournament. Yeah, it’s game number 2, but tell me, what happens if tomorrows the game crashes, in the last game? What would have happened if the game 7 of Red Bull wololo 3 had crashed ?

Seriously. This can’t happen any longer. Time ran out, dear project managers. You have to fix this thing. otherwise, the game will be dead soon. it only have to happen once in a big tournament, and all sponsors will be gone.

Please, stop investing budget in graphic modes and events, and fund more devs


What happened??? (20

Game had a full crash. Gamer Legion forfeited the crashed game, they were in a bad state.
In the third game, there was a disconnect.

hera want to have a word with you…


I’m not sure who is in which team. I just casually watch tourneys tbh.


this is what I mean. this will kill the interest of any casual spectator outthere

Happened again sadly


How is the state of the restore system, never used it - can anyone tell me?

Non existing for ranked.
No idea for the lobby.

non existing for ranked
useful if someone disconnects.
useless if the games crashes

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But almost every S-tier tourney except RBW was sponsored by Microsoft. That might be why the devs don’t care :joy:


The BS event thing needs to stop, at least until they don’t force subscribe to those event mods you earned.


Microsoft was not fully sponsoring none of those tournaments, last big thing MS did was the ECL, after that they have been throwing around 5k usd or even less which is probably cheaper than paying publicity and advertising.

Read any S-tier tournament wiki on Liquipedia and you will prove yourself wrong. For example HC4:

The tournament prize pool was funded by Microsoft ($57,000), and an individual donor who provided a total of $5,000 USD. T90Official also contributed $1 for each Twitch Subscriber at the end of the event.

You can unsubscribe them. They are assuming that if you did the challenge you were willing to have the mods (at least, that’s what I’m assuming they’re assuming 11)

This is not true sorry


I’m talking about the bug that event mods will auto resub, no matter how many times you unsub. In case you don’t know:


Which part is not true? I didn’t experience desync, but pathing is surely terrible at the moment.

I think people complaining about pathing dont have good memory. Comparing to all patches and game versions I have played, I can tell this is the best pathing, don’t think it can be improved much more besides villager stuck dancing :smiley:


The problem with pathing in the current match is mostly with villagers imo. They way it manifests is, that you click a villager to a location and he will find some weird angle to go there which is not the shortest one, click again and he will find another route making the pathe even longer.T west did a short video directly after last patch showing the weird not shortest distance pathfinding.

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