The game is more unstable than my love live with the new updapte

with the new update the game just close and close without an error, also i run the game with the maximum spects without problem … even my exgirlfriend wasn´t so evil, dont have mods and other things like that


What graphics drivers and refresh rate monitor are you using

i am using a DELL G3590 with a nvidia 1660IT, i could run the game without problems on the other updapte

Same the game keeps crashing on me

I have Microsoft erosión and wasn’t even updating u til I forced it by deleting the game and downloading the game 2 times because the first download messed up my game it won’t start the game it just crashes

Could you please provide us with more details, such as what do you do immediately before the crash/when does it occur?

i got a solution, it appears that the game crashes if you have activated the steam VR interface for the game.

the game just botted to the selection of abatar selection and then crashed. It isttoped after i desactivated the VR interface.


Happy to hear your issue is resolved.

I hope that your love live get fixed also.