The game is still awesome, even after the patch

I still have non-stop fun when playing the game. Not encountered a single cheater yet after 100+ games. It seems people simply avoid using Abbasid now until the game has been hotfixed.

I actually agree that Dehli needed a research nerf late game. Before the patch you could basically get upgrades worth 10.000+ resources in just a few minutes after you have reached Imperial. That said x15 research time is a bit extreme, I think x10 would have been better.

Giving light cav armor and removing hitpoints was the right idea. But I think they removed too many hitpoints.

So please fix the following:

  1. Hotfix the multiple research bug.
  2. Nerf springald.
  3. Increase light cav hitpoints slightly.
  4. Change Deli Imperial research multiplier to 10 instead of 15.
  5. Let us veto maps for Quick Play.

Being able to stab enemies on the other side of the screen with your spearmen is not “awesome”