The game is very stable

JK, the only “stable” thing this game has is the building to create horses.

I just want to share my experience today where I crashed over 5 times in a period of those 20 minutes. It could have been more crashes but a lot of the time spent in that time was either rebooting the game or sitting in the bugged/empty lobby. Maybe speedrunning crashes will be the competitive scene of DE.

  • Yes my internet is good. I was streaming in hd.
  • Yes I did “validate” the game files using steam feature
  • Yes I did restart my PC, modem & router
  • Yes I also tried reinstalling the game
  • Yes my computer has at least double the requirements to play the game and benchmark of over 1300

As you can appreciate here, the MP lobby isn’t working either

Looking forward to next “stability” patch and new ways to crash.


Sadly, it’s still a crash fest. I would recommend you uninstal it, and the erase the registry with something likeccleaner or similar.

Its amazing that they released the game at this stage. It crashes more than fallout and skyrim did which became memes for their crashes. Literally I would play fallout and skyrim 8 hours a day and it would crash like a few times a week. This game will crash or disconnect all day long. It really bothers me that they spent time on useless things like adding cows with 150 food to the game while the game isnt even stable. It also feels really badly optimized. The graphics arent that good yet a lot of people are struggling to run the game. The current graphics looks like a game made in 2009 not 2019.

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