The game need siege friendly fire ON

I dont agree with no-friendly-fire when im trying to attack siege, while enemy blocking my path. Im for add some
small friendly fire for all units that are in siege target, it is a functional thing that was also worked in the older titles.

Cav anti siege new balance doesnt matter, did you want to make it more balanced and variable right? This is final step to balance siege :white_check_mark:

springald anti siege :white_check_mark:
slower siege :white_check_mark:
cav anti siege :heavy_check_mark::yellow_square:
low friendly fire on siege :red_square:


I think siege should make less damage, especially bombards and mangonels. Siege is still too strong in my opinion.


Siege was everytime strong :smiley: but it still doesn’t work here on 100%, maybe 65%. They said if you dont have rescoures to build springalds use cav, but cav not working because of this. Not enough siege counters here.

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And for those people who would probably complain about the trolling potential, just make it that it doesn’t do friendly fire to allies, only the player who owns it.

here’s a poll on it. Most seem to agree.

Im happy the game is playable now, but still net some patches…

this need fix

need to cut the health of all siege in half. There to tanky.
No need for friendly fire just lower the health

the point of friendly fire, is to increase the level of decision making and tactical play, nevermind balance, no friendly fire makes it very shallow/samey/repetitive/homogenous game play

its like having very poor tech (which the game has) also makes it very shallow with less impactful decision making

you’ll end up with the same mass siege in TGs then, trolling potential is a very minor side effect, and its better we get it, than not get it. almost every RTS has it. including SC…

trolls will trolll regardless what you do

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