The game needs a hotfix ASAP

I like the update of July 7th. But they seriously need a hotfix quite soon if they can. I can’t seem to find a thread asking for this.

I particularly like the cheaper war elephants food cost and the Turks artillery cost changes.

You want a hotfix because you like cheaper war elephants and the Turkish change?

This thread is unclear.

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I heard the game is broken. Random crashes and whatever during multiplayer. Needs fixing.

I wonder if it’s fixed? Somehow? Does it still need a hotfix?

You heard or did you experience that the game is broken?
I heard a lot of false statements in my life.

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IT IS SO ANNOYING THAT ALLMOST %70 of the games i play in EW ITS CTD !!!
What is the reason of it ? Whenever i play against Aztecs and getting them to ground killing their dump eagles then CTD is that kinda cheat ?

What is CTD?

yesterday, i had a kind of game crash i did not experienced before :
everything freezes on my screen, but i can still move my cursor, give orders, write on the chat. Only thing : i can’t see effect of my actions (all my units are freezed, can’t see what i write on chat), but other players can read my messages, and the game goes on …

log file keep saying :

[rlink - error] 2021/07/07 21:14:35.501 (UTC) BattleServerRelay::ProcessConnection: Connection was closed. Last socket error: 10054, WSAECONNRESET: connection reset

[rlink - error] 2021/07/07 21:14:35.523 (UTC) BattleServerRelay::Process - still disconnected and due to try reconnecting again.


Crash to desktop. I heard it here the first time as well. It is a somewhat new abbrevation to be popular.

I had this happen when playing a co-op campaign. My friend’s game kept going and I never caught back up to real time so when I quit the game I had stats from when I froze but my friend had stats from real time. Same exact issue though, could input commands but I couldn’t see the result.

I have exactly same problem, happened twice today, it was a 4x4 with other players versus AI.
They can see my messages, I can even pause the game, move cursor and everything, move around the map… but the actual game is frozen for me, like all units are frozen.

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The game never crashed on me before this update. Now it crashes to desktop almost every game (campaign and single player random map games).