The game should have a maximum age setup

I really like the game and i play it almost every day in my free time, but there is one little option that i miss a lot, the possibility to limit the maximum age of a match as we can do to the initial age.
I really dont like the imperial age, the cannos and gunpowder weapons just take away the medieval atmosfere of the game, so i really would like the option to limit a match to a maximum age.
I know this would automatic disable the wonder victory, but i wouldn miss it a lot.
I usualy play against AI and i like imagine a scenario before my skirmishes - as the moore invading southern france - and having gunpowder units in some of those scenario just dont fit.

I dont think it would be dificult to implement and wouldnt hurt any of the players whom prefer to play the game in full, as it would be optional.