The game should remember our civ settings for each map each time we relaunch it

The game already remembers our civ bans each time we relaunch it. What about other settings?

Devs, could you make that the game “remembers” - aka saves in the local user file - the last customization of a civ that was selected (including random, mirror, full random) and the state of random box selection?
Civ selection, state of random box selection - each with customization corresponding to its own individual map where the map itself is in it’s own gamemode - RM 1v1, teamgame RM, 1v1 DM, teamgame DM.
What I mean by that is that let’s say our “settings” (civ, random box selecting, etc.) could be different for 1v1 RM Arabia, 1v1 DM Arabia, TeamGame RM Arabia, TeamGame DM Arabia despite it being the same map - Arabia.

So we don’t need to change the settings each time we launch the game or play a different map.

Thank You,