The game state right now is trash!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the game state right now is trash.

Op nations, that are unbeatable, unless u’re a professional player.

MMR matchmaking doesn’t work.

Some maps doesn’t have enough trees… So no tech.

Community in-game is trash and cancer…

Need to redo the matchmaking mmr because it doesn’t work. I never get players my level of play. Only players that have been playing for 10 years.

Multiplayer is just so bad in this game it’s sad for me because I want to play the game but it’s kind of impossible when the mmr matchmaking doesn’t work.

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Yeah, idk if the devs actually play the game with us to see the inside scoop, but definitely skill gaps still exist in many casual games that make other players groan.

It’s literally like Call of Duty where you might get paired with some skilled guys who’ve been around the block, and then you have people who don’t know what they’re doing. Being such a tight, team-oriented game, it’s not where one guy can do it all and carry the game like in Call of Duty. If you have a weak teammate, it just feels like a hopeless 1v2, 2v3, or 3v4.

The problem with current matchmaking is that although you see a casual rank, you don’t know what it’s relative to. So he looks high ranking, but has he been stomping noobs all day? Of course he’d look strong. But against an actually competent player, he might just be an average player despite a high rank.

I just still think the old system in TAD was better, because you can get a room full of similar-leveled people. And if there was one weak guy, the host of that lobby would ensure the other team had a same-leveled weak guy as well. It’s still too random here.

Not only that, treaty games are ruined because we can’t see each other’s decks before in-game. Hosts of lobbies keep asking “Do you know what a treaty game is? Do you have a treaty deck?”, but of course people keep quiet. Then later in-game, everyone is rage-quitting because one guy had rush deck and his score falls dramatically behind everyone else.

There was already a solution and I think we need to go back to that instead of making AOE3 look more like AOE2. There was a small but really dedicated player base back then that kept the game alive.

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I don’t understand. In the other thread you said you were losing to 700 mmr/elo (beginner level) players but now you’re claiming that you never get players of your level. Well?


Yes, I never get to play with beginners… Always get experienced people, who have been around for long. We can chat in-game when the match is basically over. And most of the games I get stomped the guy has been playing forever… So the opponent is never at the range of 700 mmr but up to de 1200 +. And if I’m not mistaken in the in-game ranking the top rank is 2300 mmr. something like that.

Something is wrong with the mmr matchmaking system. Starcraft 2 MMR matchmaking system is way better at balancing out games.

Matchmaking does work, though the system needs time to adjust if you have not played many games. The game has less players than SC2, so naturally you are not going to get as many opponents close to your own mmr as in SC2.

False, This is not new or true. The game always had (and still has) lame rushes or lame strats. Of course most new players will resort to those and focus on those strats. (France, India, Japan, Sweden and Inca are Top tier but far from undefeatable). If you are having difficulty in playing, why not try to train with a civ vs the PC until you get your BO correctly.

Not true again. Ranked matches are working, but for a casual player perhaps the ranked matches are not the best way to play the game. I do believe that the Casual player should also have a ranking (a better one than the stripes), but those are improvements not a !does not work"

Its part of the map difficulty to have fewer resources, and its part of the game to control those resources. I have never experience lack of wood until the 60 min mark in a treaty game (by that time i already had reseached all i needed).

Again i feel you just want to bash the game. There should be improvements to the “chat” and invitation to create a better community but these claims are not helping.

Man, please take a moment and think about how you are playing.

You made another post about how good you are at the game because you can beat an extrem AI. People told you every beginner can do that.

And since that you keep blaming the game because you can’t win a game vs a real player.

I told you to go in lobbies if you want to play vs beginners. You are right now bad at the game, and you need to improve. RTS are really high skill cap games, you can’t win just like that.

Go in lobbies, there’s a lot of really, really bad players that only play for fun and it’s all ok. Play vs them, you’ll see it’s all different.

All your points are totally false btw.

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