The game's interface is ridiculously minimalist

The game’s interface is too minimalist compared to the previous definitive versions, the game has lost the magic it used to have before and seems like a loose and rushed job as if they have only heard suggestions from players who did not know anything about the previous game (2007) In my opinion, the betas were a total failure considering that nothing has been advanced and the game has lost the charm it used to have, I hope it was possible to remake all the interfaces through updates and future patches, looking for the balance between playability and good appearance.


Sooo many features are missing from the old game. Important ones too like deck checking and showing pings.

i think you need to be more specific

You can still check enemy decks thought?

honestly i dont think that checking decks before starting a match was convenient, im happy that that was removed from game.
you can check deck once the game start only

For Treaty its important