The Great Hunt

What kind of army composition do you use to attack Susa in this scenario? I used Chariot Archers and it took me almost 90 of them. The cramped space, towers, ballistas, catapults and horse archers make it a challenge.

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Scythe Chariots are better trash units for that situation.
I remember i just sent a lot of scythes and make a run for it, you don’t have to kill everything.
But im sure that you can just transport some scythes and vils, make some space in the island and make a stable in there so you can spam scythes until you win.

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Thanks, that’s probably a better idea. I had tons of gold, but didn’t think Legions would work particularly well there.

This mission is quite neutered in comparison to the original game, where you don’t get villagers at all and must rely on conversions. It’s less tedious now, but it lost its original idea imo. I just rushed with hoplites and legions. Once you can micro them well enough to get them to the catapults and destroy them, it’s pretty much over. I did this on hard, but I’d say I don’t recommend it because it isn’t reliable.

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Commentary from the wiki: