The hitboxes are very bad

The big problem is when you need to attack the villagers for example that they be building a castle, and you have many arches, If you try attack, all the times you attack is the castle and never the villagers, the problem is you need attack with diferent arches to diferent vills for avoid build a castle for example in maps with gold in the center.


Hi VisualCrane2754, welcome to the forums!!

I agree with you, castle foundation hitbox it’s a bit too much. Not only on the enemy side, trying to select your own vils behind your own castle foundation is problematic too. Definitely something that deservers a tweak.

While attacking a enemy, I think the best option we have right now is use patrol move.


There’s also stop moves as well - you move and press the stop button and they auto attack and then click to move again.

I also had this problem. I could have denied opponents castle during a monk and siege rush but I kept accidentally clicking his castle with my mangonels. This also happens when trying to pick a certain tree you want your vils to chop but to be fair that was always in the game. Also it happened once when I made a tower on opponents wood line and he counter towered it but I couldnt get my vils to repair the tower because they kept trying to chop the trees next to it.


I myself have 0 problem with that. My secret? Playing AoE:DE where it’s so much worse you’re forced to click everything with sniper precision 11

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omg yes! the trees are a painful one that i keep forgetting about! wow… how many times my TC sends vils around a forest due to the wrong tree being a waypoint uggghhh

Yes and apart to the attack with vills, when you try select only one unit that be near to house or other build is the same problem, in many times you select the house and not the unit, the problem is that you need fast this action, and is very annoying

This is more a problem with tall trees in general. That’s why almost everyone use small trees since AOC. I only installed it last week and can’t believe I managed to live years without it 11

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haha yeah! i keep forgetting to install it

although it does seem to make the game look uglier

I would like to bring attention to this topic again.

Building hitboxes are still too big today, it seems much harder than it should be to deny castles, walls, houses or anything where a vil can hide behind a hitbox.
The other day I couldnt even move my army into a tight spot, because the hitboxes from the surrounding buildings were just too big.

Is there a fix in the works or will we just have to live with this?

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I think a way to get around this for attacking vils (temporarily) is to use stop micro or patrol. If you can’t select individual villagers to target because the building is in the way, you can try let the units auto target by patrolling or moving and pressing the stop key.

As long as they prefer to shoot units over buildings it could work.

But yeah I do agree it should be made a bit easier to target units behind building foundations.

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patrol can only do that much, just imagine having 10 archers and selecting one after another to target one single vil each that will stop building

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Even with small trees it is also virtually impossible to task gather points or villagers to certain trees. On most trees the hit box is fine, but for some trees the hit box of the tree next to it seems to overlap it for something like 90%. I’m pretty sure this problem exists since the original AOE2.

I have similar experience when trying to select miners or animal gatherers, I sometimes accidentally select the animal or mine instead, even though the mouse is a bit off-center but still on the villager. I experience this as a larger problem than selecting villagers on a castle. I think the villager is more important than the unfinished building or mine or animal, which could be reflected a tiny bit in the size of the hit boxes.

Hint: you can select buildings hidden behind a large building by double clicking and then click a third time after a short delay (half a second or something). In this way I can even select a piece of wall completely hidden behind a castle. It requires a bit of practice but it works.

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All clicks have to be done on hidden building?

Yes, all clicks on the same location, where the hidden object should be (behind the view-blocking building). The first two clicks select the visible building and then all of those buildings within view, but the third click then selects the object behind it.

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Yeah is annoying the micro with the trees, always I try to distribute the vills in two parts but always the click go for other trees even the opposite

Thank you, this works :slightly_smiling_face: Is hard to do when don’t know where building exactly is behind other building though.

I totally agree - the Hit-Box on voobly was much better in these kind of situations!
Is there any Mod or something to customize this?

I try with UHD mod if improve hitboxes but just the opposite

This should be adressed in a patch tbh

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