The hitboxes are very bad

I guess that in the next patch dont come the solution, maybe in the future

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In case someone missed it, this was addressed and you can now have ALT pressed while issuing the attack command to ignore the building


Actually not :smiley:
The problem is still a thing and the solution can’t be to press “alt”, this is a problem and HAD to be fixed.
But I’m pretty sure that devs don’t care about those “details” anymore.

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Addressed does not mean solved.
Now you have to hold an extra key to select certain units.
It works, but it’s more complicated than in legacy AoK.

But I am thankful for the addition of the ‘select civil unit only’ and ‘select military unit only’ command.

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i am commanding for everything and i have to press ALT is extra command button. We don’t know it when we have to press alt. It happens 3x3 and 4x4 buildings. Which is i have to press alt for all game to attack to units. It doesn’t seem the problem fixing.