The hotkey possibilities in AoE III DE are incredibly underwhelming (compared to AoE II DE)

My probably biggest concern is to assign hotkeys for “row 1 column 1” etc. This logic is totally contrary to an RTS imo. One assigns hotkeys and their location on the keyboard based on the importance of units and buildings and not to their location in the UI. Building a house should have an easy hotkey, a capitol shouldn’t, and so on.

Furthermore, different civs. don’t necessarily have the same building or unit choices in their tech tree. Let’s take as an example the musketeer. To train a musketeer, one has to remember which place he occupies in the barracks of the current civ. (is it the 4th unit? The 5th? By the Ottomans it’s the very first, as they don’t have any other infantry). If one uses “shift”, one doesn’t actually see the production building, so it’s even harder. Use the simple hotkey to go to the barracks to check is leaving the action, which is often exactly what one wants to avoid, using “shift”.

It’s not necessary for me that pretty much every possible click gets a hotkey slot like in AoE II, but a bit more than right now would be very much appreciated. :slight_smile:
I would really like, to stay with the example of the musketeer, that I can assign “e” as hotkey for any musketeer or musketeer-equivalent (eg janissary), regardless of the civilization.

I like options. So I don’t want the current way to be removed, but I would like a new (AoE II-like) way to be opened, in the same spirit as the three layout choices (default; classic; definitive - personally I prefer the default one). :slight_smile:


Doesn’t this kind of exist by using the legacy Hotkey mode? You can set a specific hotkey for almost every game action


Where can I find that? :smiley:

Yep, just found! Thank you very much! I should have watched better first… ,’:-/

Mea culpa!

This topic can be closed or even deleted now as far as I’m concerned. :slight_smile:

It was a big mistake to put the grid as the default hotkey option tbh.


The hotkeys are something difficult to personalyse, you shoul have an option to make them as you want, as I tried to put a hotkey and that told me that was already another hotkey as that one, and I searched and i didnt found anything, so I would like as you can make your own decks from zero you can make your hotkeys from zero and decide wich hotkeys take and wichones no