The Inca's Build Farm 100% faster

I know it’s gone as a team bonus. But would it be too strong or insignificant as a civ bonus? From what I’ve gathered (from other posters/thread etc) they seem to be considered the worst mesoamerican civ.

Since it seems to be a nerf without it to some degree. But what do you think? If insignificant they would probably have to buffed in some other way, perhaps.

  • It would be an insignificant buff.
  • It would be good to have it back.

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The worst meso civ is not necessarily bad civ. Mayans and Aztecs are simply very strong while Incas is balanced


it’s about 1% faster gathering after wheelbarrow, pretty irrelevant

It is an irrelevant bonus that sometimes had the opposite effect - if you’re used to placing down farms right after clicking on Horse Collar, normally you’d finish the farms after HC finishes researching and with the civ bonus you wouldn’t.

While I’d love to see a more meaningful farming civ bonus for Incas due to their famous terrace farms, finding new ways of implementing farm bonuses without making them feel like copies of other civs is getting rather difficult. I’ve thought about faster gathering/more food from farms placed on elevation, but that’s probably a more annoying-less effective version of the Folwark. I’m sure some more knowledgeable people on their history can suggest some more interesting variations on these bonuses / any other eco bonus, though.


Right for 1v1. In TG, they are really bad atm. I wish they got a better TB.

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They are not bad at tgs at all, they have FU arbs so they can do very well as a flank. Incas don’t need any sort of buff at all.

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well an insignificant buff is better than no buffs at all. But i personally think this could be made into a regular tech, with some other minor effect to make a new minor general eco tech

They n̶e̶e̶d̶ deserve a better TG to be picked over Aztecs and Mayans, and 15 other Arbalester civs. Before their nerf and addition of Poles, they could do an all in Feudal Trush. But now that strategy is not good for them anymore.

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I don’t think Incas need a buff and I don’t mind if the civ stays as it currently is, but I’d be happy to see them getting some buff/love without making them too strong. Especially given their low play rate.

I like the faster farm bonus (which was in my opinion underrated) more than the new one (skirms and pikes +2 LOS). The +2.75 food per farm building was neat and added up in TG. If each player made 20 farms in feudal, they all get an additionnal (early) 55 food, which was pretty nice to get the better castle age timing.

If too weak it could have been buffed to decrrase farm creation time (default in 15s) down to 5s or 0s instead of 7.5s.


So, why would you pick Incas over Mayans in TGs?

A civ shouldn’t be overshadowed the way Incas are. A civ with only “FU Arbs” or “FU Paladin” going for it is perhaps ok in team games, but deserves to have a strong team bonus.

Mayans and Britains have strong team bonuses and stronger Arbs. Ideally you’d swap the Inca team bonus with Mayan’s or Britain’s.


All eco buildings built (including farm) %200 faster and work %200 faster (expect farms).

something like ‘eco upgrades (except wheelbarrow and handcart) research 100% faster/instantly’ could work as a team bonus

How about the old bonus of small farms? Although maybe it’s OP according to some discussions I’ve seen on reddit