The incas must be nerfed?

It is really a bit unpleasant to play vs Incas since their start FF that in addition to being very fast have very good shipments and units and very fast to take out the exaggerated statistics that the boleadoras have and if you put them together with the guaracas makes that convinacion unstoppable. Not even the Ottoman FF copes with it.


I agree
As main Inca I tested the strategy and got to abuse it. It’s too strong.
I recommend removing 100 wood from the starting crates and reducing the number of fortress age units.

10 Warriors Bolas to 9 and move shipment from infinite huaracas to Industrial.


HAHAHA i love translators hahaha, this means fortress age units instead


I dont know why they changed them if nobody complained about them, why they give them that new cards??

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This happened in the last patches where they gave them these economic advantages of units and nobody asked for them before this the Incas were very valanced


Yeah, Inca is the new S tier now not?

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yeah tbh inca is unbeatable with this FF, the 10 bolas card is just too strong ( since bolas get buffed aswell ) and the new huaraca are too strong aswell and you have 6 infinite huaraca and 7 huaraca shipment, is too good xD
And tbh we need to remove the 5 pop for kallanca actually, this is the real problem for this FF tbh


I disagree, I think they’re fine as they are and definitely needed a buff.
Bolas warriors were changed so now upgrades effect them based on their age 2 stats not age 3 stats which was a nerf, they also do less damage vs infantry while doing more vs cavalry.
Huaracas lose hard to european artillery too because they’re out ranged and infantry.

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