The inconsistency of explorer skins

So far the civs that receive customizable explorer skins roughly fall into the following categories:
(1) Historical skins (plus some campaign hero skins that have a generic historical look): most native Americans & Africans, Chinese
(2) Only fun skins: British*, Spanish, US
(3) Both: Mexicans, Italians, Maltese

Hope the holes will be filled up in the future. Especially when there are still quite a few very good skins in the campaigns.

* I know Ada Lovelace is a historical figure but the coil gun is more of a meme.

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I don’t regard spanish skins as “only fun” as they are distinct than astronaut ,halloween boy or Ada Lovace with a Rail gun, but I do agree that, at the very least, every funny skinsshould be paired with an historical one.

Spanish skins are more of a “iconic folk costume/culture” thing so it’s not the comically kind of fun, like the nun skin for Italy. But after all considering this is still a war game, they still look quite odd (not in a bad way).

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Yes they are inconsistent and there is no particular pattern shared between them.