The Indian Merc meme on TR

I dont understand India civ Mercs. (Treaty)


first we have Rocketeers
Literally every Grenadier in the game is better than them they cost 3 pop.
You give them a rocket attack… That tickles

Next we have this card. Which you use for Outlaws and not Jat Lancers.
600 HP. 400 coin cost
only 160 damage vs Infantry.
Literally the Worst mercenary in the game.

If possible please add Imperial merc ups to Asian civs except Japan.


DE release: We updated the mercenary system, you get new Age up politicians, the mostly unused Age IV mercs cards will be infinite now, you get access to imperial mercenary, more cards affect outlaws; new cards for overall mercenary buffs for new civs and shadowtech.

Euro civs: :smiley:

New civs: :slight_smile:

Asian civs: 0_____0 :cold_face:

Let us not forget that neither India nor China have access to the arsenal and their upgrades come from cards. The effect of these cards should be extended to other units to incentivize alternative playstyles (and in doing so, basically not leaving content to rot).

I don’t mind Japan having access to these benefits either, AS LONG AS they don’t include consulate units like Hatamoto Samurai. Just the ronin merc version that you can get only through shipments.