The Infantry Breastplate tech affects Gascenya

Because Gascenya wrongly has HandInfantry tag, so it would be buffed by some techs and team cards.

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I think its intended.

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Gascenya has musketeer tag. I don’t think musk could be a kind of Hand Infantry in this game
If it is intended, Tomohawk should have this tag too.

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The Gascenya is kinda unique in that it very smoothly turns from ranged infantry to hand infantry. What I mean is, the closer you go, the attack rate gradually decreases from 3 (ranged reload time) to 1.5 (melee reload time) in a smooth way.

I think thats a unique mechanic and at close range the gascenya is essentially a pikeman, hence the tag is kinda justified.

There is a new set of units introduced in TAR (The African Royals) that do this - the gascenya, the yoruba oyo legionary and a few more (I think). These are javelin infantry that smoothly transition in Rate of fire from ranged to melee. I think they have a separate treatment in the game now. I don’t really mind gascenya getting a 10% boost from infantry breastplate - it is locked behind an alliance after all and costs influence.

The yoruba legionary has the same mechanic as gascenya, but it has no HandInfantry tag. So i think gascenya’s tag is wrong.
I don’t care whether gascenya has this tag to. I just hope the tag system could be perfectly neat :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Because the devs made a great effort to improve AOE3’s tag system . :hugs:

Ooooo I didn’t know the Yoruba legionary didn’t have this tag.

We should be consistent.

The yorbura is slightly different though since it has range armour and only 4 speed. I would argue that puts them in slightly different category.

We could argue that all units with the increase ROF mechanic should get the tag, so that would also include things like the Dervisher and Amazon Dahomey merc as well, all of which do really different things.

I can see the arguement that they all should have it or its an unique ethiopian thing.

In my understanding, all infantry could be categorized into four kinds: Rifle, Musk, FootArcher and Hand. The four types should have no overlapping. But now Gascenya breaks the rule.

Dervish and Dahomey obey the rule correctly.
Dervish is FootArcher, which means it would be affected by infantry breastplate too.
Dahomey is Rifle, it would be affected by some other techs like Counter Infantry Rifling

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Key word is should, The game is introducing units that breaks all sorts of “rules”, which are always more guidelines.

Whether this means that it should be kept or removed is more a matter of design rather then it being a bug to me in this case

Hi guys! @Ziper8941 @DiplexBoss6 @TeenagedApple0

Thank you for your help, you are right!. We’re now tracking this issue :dancer:

lol how on earth could this even happen in the first place? i bet that was intentional to make gescanyas even more broken. Cant just accidently give them a meelee infantry tag hmmmm